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February 12, 2010


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Thinking of titles are hard so im going to skip that and just write. 

Life is good.  I took the kids to McDonald’s today because we were tired of being cooped up in this poopy weather and they were giving away free iced coffe…. so I drank 2!  (1 mocha and 1 carmel)  So, I am all hoped up and being very productive which includes writing a post.  I might throw up later.

Tristin and Trey are in the swing of basketball season and it is going great.  Trey is on a team with some friends and he is having a good time.  I wouldn’t say he is looking to be the MVP of the team,  I find him being more of an encourager than an aggressor.  Tristin on the other hand is a ballin beauty.  She is very aggressive and plays off her girl just so she can intercept it when it is passed.  She is more of a defensive player than a shooter.  She plays on a team with her friends from school and they are great together.  They exhibit great teamwork with each other and sportsmanship with others. 

The KOR school is going well for Trey.  His teacher and classmates are amazing.  I can see his confidence and joy growing.  He is making new friends and learning spanish.  

Tristin is doing well and her lowest grade this period was a 99!  Mom thinks we took the wrong kid home from the hospital.  Her steers are getting big and are sometimes hard to handle.  The Houston Livestock Show is fast approaching and Uncle Wade and PawPaw are graciously helping her prepare.  We are going to see Rascal Flatts during this week in Houston and we all can’t wait.

Tai has exceeded her goal of selling 30 boxes of girl scout cookies.  This little momma loves her Daisy scouts. 

We have a wedding tomorrow and then we are off to Austin to support Mollie, Sam and many others running in the Marathon.  Go girls!

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