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November 10, 2009

What a wonderful fall.

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I love the beauty of fall.  The colors and tasty recipes shared by friends.  I went to my first ever fall  themed wedding last weekend and it was so beautiful.  The cake was draped with fall leaves instead of flowers and we even got to take home several fall shaped cookie cutters.  Congrats Nick & Jenn!  It was so much fun! 

I decided to take a new approach to Halloween this year and instead of stressing out and forcing the kids to be a themed group chosen by Mom…..Wizard of Oz…. I just let them be.   Here are a few picks.

Fall 2009 007

Tai carving out her pumpkin.

Fall 2009 008

The kids being schooled by Sam.

Fall 2009 013

Tai was Hannah Montana for her school Halloween party.  I don’t necessarily want my 5-year-old daughter idolizing some pop star but it was better than her other choice… a devil girl…and Momma don’t play that!  Rock on Hannah Montana.

Fall 2009 017

Ready to hit the streets…or Broadway.  Tai decided on Halloween that she no longer wanted to be Hannah Montana and this is what she found in her dress up clothes.  She called herself “Cinderella”.  I thought she was adorable skipping down the street in her girly girls with her curls bouncing behind her.  Trey was a Zombie and dressed himself.  9-year-old boys are so much fun.  Tristin bless her heart was a hobo.  I can’t figure this girl out so don’t even ask.  As long as she continues to be such an awesome kid I will accept things like wanting to be a hobo….she kind of looks like a gangster in this picture.

Fall 2009 026

My nephews were too funny as Mario (Casey) and Luigi (Wyatt).

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