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February 23, 2008

The Dentist

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Hey, I’m back from sabbatical and I’m not going to talk about diarrhea. 

I hope you like the view, I know I do. 

I recently took the kids to a new dentist for their annual dental checkup.  Our other dentist left town without telling anyone, but that’s okay because we found Dr. Sukawala.  He was so sweet to the kids and he let me go in the back with them.  I was so impressed with Tai and how still she sat that I ran out to the car and got my camera.

They all ended up needing a little work done and blamed the lack of flossing on me.  Now they love to floss and show me what they can dig out.  Tristin even takes floss/picks to school in her backpack, she is quite the overachiever. 

On Monday Tristin went in to get her second round of work done.  This time they had to give her the gas.  When they brought her to me she looked up and through her numb lips smiled and said “Look mom, I got a grill”.   I made eye contact with the dental assistant who happened to be black and we lost it laughing.  We had to explain to her that it wasn’t a grill but just a shiny cap.  Then we went to Sonic and had a milkshake.  It is always fun spending time alone with her, even when she’s all hopped up on laughing gas.

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