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October 22, 2007

Who Knew?

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While we were eating dinner Daniel casually says “Did you know you should not go swimming for 2 weeks if you have diarrhea”.

I say “what if you shower”.

He said “that helps”.

Who knew?

October 17, 2007

This is Love

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The other weekend we went camping in Gonzolas and Mollie, Daniel, and I did a race with my dad.  It was fun to see the kids cheering for me like I was some kind of superhero.  Dad said we were going to go easy and have fun but it turned into a two hour non stop paddle off between us and another boat.  We had one portage that took us through a forest of poison ivy, which Dan and Mollie are highly allergic to, but they knew better to say anything because Dad was in the zone.  We passed four boats on this run because dad decided to take a… well, let’s call it “less used” entrance into the water.  I fell two times.  As I was getting back in the boat covered in mud I made eye contact with Daniel but I couldn’t read him.  I’m sure he was trying to think of a good reason why he married me and took on my crazy family.  When we were all back in the boat we raced to the finish.  My once soft hands were now covered in pulsating blisters and I was praying they wouldn’t bust before we were done.  They didn’t… we finished….. my dad was pleased. The campground was nice, the food was great, the kids played with nature, we had a fire, and we all slept well.  What more can you ask for?  

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