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September 21, 2007

Dan the Man!

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Daniel swimming with the kids this summer.

Daniel has a new job!  He is now the Assistant Supervisor of the College Station Aquatics Department.  This is awsome because now I am able to stay at home with Tai.  No, I don’t have a job but I was thinking about getting one, but not anymore.  I just wanted to give Dan a shoutout for always taking such good care of us.  Good luck baby you will do great!

September 18, 2007

Wow a new post!

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Today was a good day.  Tai’s hair was amazingly under control, I got a good workout and cleaned the house.  When Tai went down for her nap I had to search for some thing to do besides watch divorce court on T.V..  I decided to go through a box of pictures that has been in our room for over a year.  The pictures were some that Daniel’s Aunt had sent home with us from Mississippi.  They were of his Mamaw Helen and Pawpaw Jesse and a few very special pictures of his mom.  I was sad that I had left them in a box for so long.  I found a photo album and began to put them in one by one.  There was one of his grandfather very deep in thought kneeling down by a wall, as I turned it over and read the date it brought me close to this man I had never met.  The picture was of him nervously waiting for his grandson (my future husband)  to be born.  I smiled.  Then I came across one of his mother, young and beautiful holding a chubby baby dressed in an odd halloween costume, the sad thing was she was hideing her head behind the baby as to be saying “no, don’t get me in the picture”.  This makes me sad because we literally have about five pictures of her and maybe two of them with her and Daniel together.  It is not her fault she probally thought she had 50 years to pose in pictures with her beautiful children.  No one knew she would die so young.  How many times do we as moms choose to sit out of pictures or delete ones from our digital cameras because we think our hair is not perfect or our nose is to big.  I do and I don’t want to anymore.  I wan’t my children to see pictures of me loving them, gazing at them adoringly imperfections and all.  Good decision.  I also decided to get over my fear of putting holes in the wall and hung up some of the pictures on the wall.  I can’t wait untill Daniel gets home.

Tai’s blurb of the day – Talking to her mom yelling, ” I’m going to spank you when I get bigger”.  ( I think I might have to get loving pictures with Tai when shes sleeping.)      

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