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February 11, 2007


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 Okay, so there is somthing freaky going on in our house.  My little one loves to play with baby dolls.  She loves to feed them, make them go potty, bath them, but most of all she loves to spank them.  Is this weird?  I ask her why they are getting spankings and she always gives a ligitimate reason.  However, they get spanked, put into time out, spanked again, time out again, spanked one more time and then finally the punishment is over.  I try and explain to her that little babies need love and kisses, but the game goes on.  Tristin never did this.  I know they are different but it freaks me out.  Is she expressing authority over these baby dolls because she is the youngest child and it makes her feel powerful?   Is she imitating me, because I am not that mean.  Should I let her disipline her babies because the bible says spare the rod (in her case the hair brush) spoil the child?  Any advice?  On a sidebar she has never spanked a real baby, but she did try to spank her Uncle Wade.



  1. Michael used to do the same thing. I would discipline him and then I would hear him in his room saying or doing the same thing to his toys.

    I think it is great…they get it!!!

    Alex doesn’t reinact it. He just walks up to people and tells them that when he makes bad choices he gets spanked!!

    Comment by Kathryn Berilla — February 13, 2007 @ 2:59 pm

  2. All of my girls give their dollys spankings. In fact way more spankings than kisses or anything. I would not worry about it! But they do not spank Pearson…She has learned what Biblical discipline is and she has learned it from you…SO I SAY Hip-Hip-Hooray for Pualine one of the sweetest Mama’s in the world!

    Comment by Kyle — February 15, 2007 @ 9:00 pm

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