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December 11, 2006

Don’t read if you have a weak stomach.

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Yeah, I finished my last final and I am feeling goood!  Now I have time to get back to the blog world and list my 5 things that nobody knows about me.

1.  I slept in the same bed with Mollie (my sister) untill I was 17.  It was a twin bed, not a big bed.  I think it started one night when it was really cold (we did not have a heated house) and we decided to sleep in the same bed with two blankets instead of one.  We did’nt ever separate after that.  We would stay up late talking and laughing until we fell asleep.  Those are some of my favorite childhood memories. 

2.  I have eaten cow fries.  If you do not know what this is I am not going to go into detail, but it is deep fried and tasting like a chicken nugget and or fried bologna.  My dad was a rancher and when it was time to castrate he had some men hold the baby bulls down and he would cut them off.  Then he would hand them to us, we would run them to mom, and she would fry them up in a pan.  Woo-wee that’s some good eating.  Just for the record I don’t eat them now and I did’nt know what I was eating then.

3.  I can eat a whole pizza by myself.  I had to stop doing this because of metabolism issues.

4.  My mom was going to name me Happy if I was a boy. 

5.  I don’t like dogs.  Daniel almost convinced me to get a dog over Thanksgiving until…..I witnessed worms coming out of ones butt.  This confirmed my commitment to never have a dog. 

Lets pray this prayer together:  Lord, I pray my children never, never, never, come down with pin-worms, Amen.


December 1, 2006

Mississipi Trip

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Over Thanksgiving The family and I went on a trip to Mississippi.  Eight hours in the van with three kids was not that bad, thanks to a DVD player, Shark Tails, Shrek, Madagascar, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the old version).  Except for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that movie freaks me out.  Why are all the grandparents in the same bed and why hav’nt they tried to walk in nine years (slackers)?  Where do they go to the bathroom?  Why do they show a chicken getting it’s head cut off on the boat ride?  Why do kids like it so much?  Anyway, enough about that, we went and visited Daniel’s Mamaw and Pawpaw D.D..  They were a little under the weather but in great spirits and very happy to have us there.  Mamaw D.D. is an awesome lady who can make biscuits without ever using a bowl.  She pours the flour on the counter and makes a volcano and then pours the ingredients right into it, so cool.  The kids and I love to watch her cook, she make everything from scratch.  Did I mention I gain ten pounds every time we visit.  We had a fantastic Thanksgiving meal with lots of family.  The next day we woke up early and did the 5:00 in the morning shopping thing, and were able to watch the Aggies kick some T.U. butt with my good friends Daniel and Erica Listi.  We finished our trip by visiting Daniel’s Aunt Rita and Family.  They are so good to us and also experts in the kitchen.  I love being a part of Daniels extended family they make me and my tummy feel so loved.

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