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October 20, 2006


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Hey ladies, this girl at school referred me to this website.  It is a new makeup line that has not been marketed.  No, this makeup is not for tiny pointed ear women, e.l.f. is an acronym for eyes, lips, and face.  You can get cheap makeup for only $1.00.  

Go to  http://www.eyeslipsface.com/defaultflash.asp

October 13, 2006

He Is Mighty In Battle

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Daniel’s Aunt sent me this picture and I decided to call the kids to the computer to talk about it.  Trey immediately said “hey that guy has a bible”, he also thought one of the men looked like his dad.  Then he realized they were praying and asked me what they were praying for.  We decided to list the things we thought they were praying for and this is what we came up with

for their families

for them to win (Trey)

that they would be safe

for someone who died

for help

for each-other

for food.

Tristin and Trey know we are supposed to pray for our soldiers, but sometimes they forget why, this was a good reminder.  It also taught them while we are praying here they are praying there. 

What do your kids think they are praying for?

October 11, 2006

Super Kid

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Yes, Tristin is a Super Kid.  She was voted by her second grade class as a Super Kid.  The Super Kid award is given to a child who shows respect, kindness for others, discipline, and a positive attitude.  This is Tristin’s first year in public school and I thank God for this positive feedback.  I spent time worrying about how other kids were going to influence her precious, innocent spirit.  I let the devil whisper in my ear.  How do I know this, because I was worrying and worrying is not of God.  I should have had faith that my daughter who has been saved would be the one influincing others.  I know the other kid’s notice there is something different about her and are drawn to her.  Tristin was on the all “A” honor roll this six weeks, but there is greater joy as a parent having Tristin represent God and our family as a Super Kid.  

Tristin – I love you and keep up the great work!

October 6, 2006

Must see T.V.

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This is Van.This is Chet.

 Don’t they look so sweet……don’t let them fool you.  For all of you who are not entertained by the nasty adds being run by Rep. – Van Taylor and Dem. – Chet Edwards STOP reading.  I think they are both acting like naughty little boys and Daniel and I can’t help but joke on this subject.  Don’t miss out Saturday night at seven they will be having an open canidate forum, this means these two are going to debate.  I can’t wait to see what kind of taunting and stuttering is going to go on. 

Want some?

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Dang, I wrote a post and deleted it, so now I only have time to say good day and welcome you to my blog.  I will be keeping in touch and hope you will leave many questions, comments, and confessions next to my banana smoothie.

P.S.  Sometimes I misspell words, but my mom says it gives my writing personality.

 Check yall later – Pauline

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