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June 25, 2010

Little Fish

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Way to go little fish.  We are so proud of you!


May 25, 2010

Change is in the air.

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Swim team is in full effect and the kids are loving it!  They had there first meet last Sat. and everything went well.  Even Tai our “won’t participate in organized activities kid” went with the flow and wasn’t overwhelmed with anxiety. 

I have accepted a part-time  job with Dr. Jones and things are going well.  My mom has the kids in the morning for the summer and I meet her at lunch.  She has her nephew living with her and the company of my kids is always enjoyed.  I couldn’t do it without her and I appreciate her parenting philosophy, tons of crafts, running around in underwear, outside play and swimming. 

After 10 years we have been attending a new church.  Living Hope was awesome in every way, truth, hope, fellowship, but we were not always able to attend as a family.  Parkway is a traditional small church that feels like family.  Daniel and I are attending a Sunday school class and the kids are making new friends.  It is hard to leave the only church I ever attended and the one I came to know Christ in as a pregnant teen.

February 12, 2010


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Thinking of titles are hard so im going to skip that and just write. 

Life is good.  I took the kids to McDonald’s today because we were tired of being cooped up in this poopy weather and they were giving away free iced coffe…. so I drank 2!  (1 mocha and 1 carmel)  So, I am all hoped up and being very productive which includes writing a post.  I might throw up later.

Tristin and Trey are in the swing of basketball season and it is going great.  Trey is on a team with some friends and he is having a good time.  I wouldn’t say he is looking to be the MVP of the team,  I find him being more of an encourager than an aggressor.  Tristin on the other hand is a ballin beauty.  She is very aggressive and plays off her girl just so she can intercept it when it is passed.  She is more of a defensive player than a shooter.  She plays on a team with her friends from school and they are great together.  They exhibit great teamwork with each other and sportsmanship with others. 

The KOR school is going well for Trey.  His teacher and classmates are amazing.  I can see his confidence and joy growing.  He is making new friends and learning spanish.  

Tristin is doing well and her lowest grade this period was a 99!  Mom thinks we took the wrong kid home from the hospital.  Her steers are getting big and are sometimes hard to handle.  The Houston Livestock Show is fast approaching and Uncle Wade and PawPaw are graciously helping her prepare.  We are going to see Rascal Flatts during this week in Houston and we all can’t wait.

Tai has exceeded her goal of selling 30 boxes of girl scout cookies.  This little momma loves her Daisy scouts. 

We have a wedding tomorrow and then we are off to Austin to support Mollie, Sam and many others running in the Marathon.  Go girls!

November 10, 2009

What a wonderful fall.

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I love the beauty of fall.  The colors and tasty recipes shared by friends.  I went to my first ever fall  themed wedding last weekend and it was so beautiful.  The cake was draped with fall leaves instead of flowers and we even got to take home several fall shaped cookie cutters.  Congrats Nick & Jenn!  It was so much fun! 

I decided to take a new approach to Halloween this year and instead of stressing out and forcing the kids to be a themed group chosen by Mom…..Wizard of Oz…. I just let them be.   Here are a few picks.

Fall 2009 007

Tai carving out her pumpkin.

Fall 2009 008

The kids being schooled by Sam.

Fall 2009 013

Tai was Hannah Montana for her school Halloween party.  I don’t necessarily want my 5-year-old daughter idolizing some pop star but it was better than her other choice… a devil girl…and Momma don’t play that!  Rock on Hannah Montana.

Fall 2009 017

Ready to hit the streets…or Broadway.  Tai decided on Halloween that she no longer wanted to be Hannah Montana and this is what she found in her dress up clothes.  She called herself “Cinderella”.  I thought she was adorable skipping down the street in her girly girls with her curls bouncing behind her.  Trey was a Zombie and dressed himself.  9-year-old boys are so much fun.  Tristin bless her heart was a hobo.  I can’t figure this girl out so don’t even ask.  As long as she continues to be such an awesome kid I will accept things like wanting to be a hobo….she kind of looks like a gangster in this picture.

Fall 2009 026

My nephews were too funny as Mario (Casey) and Luigi (Wyatt).

September 16, 2009

Look at them kids!

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05.15.09 101

Tristin had her first steer show last weekend and it went great.  Uncle Wade thought it would be a good idea to do a practice show so Tristin and the steers could experience one before the big shows later on (Houston and county).  She was very nervous in the beginning and at one point the cow tripped her and she fell….but she got right back up and kept going!  We are so proud of her.  She gets up and feeds before school in the morning and again in the evening.  Even though she is not always excited about working with the steers she knows hard work pays off and that any money she makes will go to her college fund.  

   05.15.09 110

Mom and Tai cheering on sister!

05.15.09 048

Daniel took Trey on his first dove hunt of the season last weekend and the boy was a pro.  He shot 4 birds, 2 perched and 2 flying.  I can’t wait to wrap them babies in bacon with a little cream cheese and jalapeno and throw them on the grill.

A couple days  later….

Trey finds a 5th bird he had forgotten about in his pouch.  GROSS!

September 11, 2009

School Days

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School is in full swing and the kids are doing great!

05.15.09 037

Trey has Tristin’s teacher from last year and has already gotten sick and had to miss 2 days.  He is enjoying school for the most part and about to start flag football.  He was the most reluctant to take this photo.

05.15.09 042

Tristin has adjusted to her new school and is loving it.  We are enjoying the half day.  I am having to use a calculator to check her home work.  She wears a hooded sweatshirt everyday???

05.15.09 046

Tai is enjoying kindergarten.  She was person of the day yesterday and was able to bring things from home to share.  She stood in the middle of the circle rug and all her classmates drew a picture of her.  Her teacher made the pictures into a book and she was so excited.  She has shown the book to just about everyone.

May 22, 2009

Not My Kid

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05.15.09 009

Some long haired kid drinking Red Bull outside a convenience store. 

Where is his mother?

May 9, 2009


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Just wanted to shout it out to the blogsphere that Dan and I are happy to have celebrated 10 years together last weekend.  I know its hard to believe but it is true.  We spent the weekend in San Marcus and took a little drive to the little town of Greune.  We ate at the Gristmill and then listened to some awesome music at Greune Hall.  On Sunday we spent the day shopping at the outlets.  We had a great time.  

Two big highlights of my year were going to the Cotton Bowl to watch Ole Miss spank Texas Tech and that random river float we did by our selfs. 

I love rocking out to KC and Jo Jo, All My Life and Brandon Rhyders, It’s a Beautiful Morning with you( 2 of our songs). 

I love you for thinking I’m beautiful in a T-shirt and thinking i am smart enough to answer your political questions. 

Most of all I love you for creating the  mom in me and giving me the privilege of staying home with our children.


November 23, 2008

Hottie Tottie

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Don’t worry this is not a nasty term it is an Ole Miss reference, kinda like gig em’.  Ole Miss beat LSU yesterday and it was fun to watch.  We are in Brandon, Mississippi spending time with Daniel’s family over the holidays and couldn’t be happier.  We are stuffing ourselves full of homemade southern food like fried pork chops, butter beans, homemade macaroni and dump cake and then we polish it off with a N-A-P.  My jeans are hurtin.  I hope there are some good sales on black Friday because I might need some new pants. 

We went to Aunt Rita’s church this morning and it was refreshing.  The congregation maybe had a total of 30 people and during announcement time any one could stand up and say just about anything.  One lady stood up and announced her mailbox had been run over.  Aunt Rita sang a solo, and the preacher referenced butterfinger cake during the invitation.  It was a lot of fun.

When I askeed the kids what has been their favorite part of the trip so far they said…

Tai- “When we saw that lake and drove by the waterpark and the deers”.

Tristin- “Spending time with the family, playing on the computer and playing board games”.

Trey-“Being here with you (me, mom) and my family”.

We still have 7 more days and Tai has already said “holy crack” at the dinner table.

November 5, 2008

Quote from Trey

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“I get confused if people are talking about The Rock or Barak.” – Trey Tice

Here are some cute pics from Halloween.


Mollie and Payton


Tristin and Sam


Karson, Hunter, Trey, Payton, Tristin, Ally, Tai and Reese.

I’ll do some more later these are taking too long to upload.

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